Nimrod B.C. - God Of War And Chaos

Kev Rowland, Nimrod B.C. - God Of War And Chaos

Nimrod B.C. is a Thrash Metal Band that has been around since 1985, founded by guitarist Chris Ira. In 1988 their first demo tape ‘Time of Changes’ was released, and gained some success within the tape trading scene, and in 1990 they got their first record deal, although the album was never released due to varrious reasons. Chris became frustrated about the whole situation and left the band for some years. In 2004 the band decided to release the old demo remastered with some unreleased studio tracks and live recordings, but then disbaned again. Some five 5 years later, Chris decided that it was time to reform and started a new chapter with Fernando Gonzales (bass), Cesar Anazco (guitar, ex Necrosis), Rodrigo Cerda (drums) and singer Leonardo Caballero. They played some major festivals, and in 2009 their album ‘Return To Babylon’ saw the light of day, and they are now back with ‘God Of War And Chaos’, featuring new singer Gary Wayne.

Playing this it is hard to imagine that we are in 2017 and not 1987, as this is exactly the style of thrash metal that was coming out of the Bay area back then. The music is fast, with high pitched vocals, and it is all about speed and volume. I am sure that there is going to be a market for this style of music, but to my ears it is somewhat naïve and just not what I would expect from a band within the genre anymore. All of the major bands have moved on and taken the music elsewhere, while in some ways this goes all the way back to Raven, and their version of “athletic rock”. That was fine thirty years ago, but personally these days I expect more from the genre and while it is played well, this is not something to which I see me often returning.

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