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Security Project has once again reinvented itself, this time with vocalist Happy Rhodes. Together with Jerry Marotta (drummer from Peter Gabriel's first five records), Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Michael Cozzi (Shriekback) and NY keyboardist David Jameson, the group continues reimagining the early work of Peter Gabriel (and also on this disc -- Kate Bush), but with Happy's impressive four-octave vocals adding an entirely new dimension. To say this is incredible, just doesn’t do the word justice. It is hard to imagine Gabriel’s music given a more imaginative and careful re-interpretation, with stunning vocals, beautiful harmonies, and great arrangements. No-one knows how to provide the passionate drumming that Gabriel required like Jerry Marotta, while Trey’s touch guitar adds a wealth and depth of sounds, and he links in with Michael Cozzi, whose guitarwork is stunning, and then there is David Jameson. There can’t be many keyboard players who have a PhD in Computer Science, and who founded a software company to develop audio plug-ins (which he uses on stage to recreate classic synth sounds). Happy has a stunning voice, but it is also the use of others as lead singers that makes this band so special, especially when they interplay as they do on songs such as “Intruder”.

Yes, this is a covers band, but they aren’t trying to reproduce the music exactly as it was originally played, but instead are showing that the music from nearly forty years ago (I feel very old) is as relevant as it was when Gabriel was driving music through to a new frontier. If you have ever been involved in a discussion as to which of the ‘Peter Gabriel’ albums are best (I personally tend towards ‘Melt’, but it’s a tough call), then this is the album for you. For more details on this and the other live sets that are available, visit the band site at

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