Pendragon - Believe

Kev Rowland, Pendragon - Believe

It is seventeen years since Nick, Peter, Fudge Smith (drums) and Clive Nolan (keyboards) first released an album together (‘Kowtow’), and since then the line-up has never wavered. Yes, some members of the band have been more prolific than others (okay, so Clive has been involved with more bands either performing, producing or writing than most of the rest of the scene put together), but when the call goes out that a new Pendragon album is due then they all respond. This is only the second Pendragon studio release in nine years, and shows the band moving in quite different directions. Nick has brought in many influences to his writing this time so that while it is music that will appeal to older fans of the band, this is also going to be bringing in those who have yet to be involved. “Wisdom Of Solomon” goes from reflective electric guitar in front of the whole band to an acoustic guitar piece where Nick plays both intricately and delicately while also riffing it like mad. When he starts singing the percussion is delicate and it gives the song a very different feel to what one would normally expect.

But as well as the reflection there are also times in this album where the band are playing probably at their heaviest that I have heard them, and it is this mix that in some ways makes it a more difficult album to get into. The first time I played it I found that I wondered what was going on, but by the third or fourth play it had grown on me so that now it is one of my favourite albums by the band. Just do not expect for this to sound like ‘The World’ as the band have changed a lot since then.

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