Comedy Of Errors - Disobey

Michael B.,

ImageComedy Of Errors hailed from Scotland. And I’d like to get one thing before you read all further lines. Their brand new album ‘Disobey’ is highly recommended to fans who grasp the magnitude of Marillion in ‘Script for a Jester’s Tear’, Pendragon in ‘The World’, IQ in ‘Subterranea’, Pallas in ‘Beat the Drum’ or Arena in ‘The Visitor’. At the same time, it’s a totalny original conceptual story that sounds very bright and fresh. This together gives an unbelievable impression that leaves us flabbergasted!

‘Disobey’ is an extraordinary CD that contains a lot of depth and excellence. Instrumental stretches are dominated by lush guitar and reach keyboard arsenal. There’re many classic hallmarks, notably the sonic textures Jim Johnston employs in his work (from acoustic piano to synthesizers). Mark Spalding’s gitar playing is close to perfection. The support and refinement of Bruce Levick (drums) and Hew Montgomery (bass) illustrates the craftsmanship of these guys. Complex and dynamic, well constructed and expertly performed sort of style in early IQ/Fish-era Marillion direction. But very original! Lead singer Joe Cairney has a clean and articulated, almost theatrical voice (captured in the middle between of frontman from Grey Lady Down, Martin Wilson, and Nick Barrett of Pendragon - with the occasional Tim Brooks falsetto added in the mix). And it fits perfectly inside the concept…

Every track is a highlight. This release contains all: plain brillant songwriting, great musicianship, excellent vocals, super production, interesting lyrics and stylish package with nice booklet, too.

There have been a plethora of wonderful albums in recent years, but ‘Disobey’ is bound to become the measuring stick for future efforts in subgenre. Comedy of Errors have really raised the bar for neo-prog with this stellar release. It will be staying in my CD-player for a long time. Great job and I for one hope it’s not the last.
MLWZ album na 15-lecie