Taylor's Free Universe - 9 Eleven

Kev Rowland,

ImageThis album was recorded 9 years ago today (as I write this), on 11th September 2002 at the Copenhagen Jazzhouse. The line-up was Robin Taylor (guitar, electronics), Pierre Tassone (violin, electronics), Karsten Vogel (saxophones), Johan Segerberg (basses, electronics) and Kalle Mathiesen (drums, electronics). The result of these guys combining and building off each other is hugely powerful, with Robin taking the lead at times with incredible Gilmore/Hillage driving over the top guitars while at other times it is Karsten with his incredible saxwork or Pierre flying through. There is a real togetherness and understanding which allows the five of them to blast off into extreme tangents knowing that the others will follow, and that if they do end up taking a path into the wilderness somehow together they will get back to some sort of civilisation.

This is not music that the majority will enjoy, but who wants to be part of the majority? According to LastFM my tastes are eclectic – possibly because I will listen to jazz, folk and death metal all in the same sitting – and I would much rather be eclectic than following the herd. That is the same with these guys – they are making music for themselves, knowing they will never make a fortune  - but it is better to be true to yourself than doing something that is against the grain. If you feel intrigued enough by this review to find out more then I urge you to do so, and listen to their music with an open mind. This is an awesome avant-garde outing that I truly wish I had been at. For more details visit http://www.progressor.net/robin-taylor.

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