Taylor's Free Universe - Manipulated By Taylor

Kev Rowland,

ImageThis is an unusual concept, in that Taylor’s Free Universe are renowned for their avant-garde improvised pieces, yet the entire material on this CD was selected, mixed, edited and manipulated by Robin Taylor from live recordings made at Copenhagen JazzHouse on September 15th 2005. So it is a live album, but it has been mixed and changed in the studio. One may think that this would lead to a more melodic and restrained version of the band, but that is certainly not the case. Robin has taken this concept and has treated some of the instruments and combined them so that they stay true to the avant-garde sensibilities but have taken on a totally new flavour. The line-up is slightly different to normal, in that although he is joined by long-time compatriots Karsten Vogel (saxophones), Pierre Tassone (Grand piano; processed violin) and Lars Juul (drums; electronics), this is the only time that Klavs Hovman (acoustic bass; loops) has made an appearance – and a very fine fretless bassist he is too.

This may be a manipulated album, cut and lovingly spliced back together by Robin, but first and foremost this is a live album that contains stunning interplay and runs from guys that live and breathe jazz. As always, this may contain too much dissonance, chaos and invention from those who woud much rather have their music served up in radio-friendly 3 minute segments. But, if you want music that is on the very edge of being described as such, and who feel that Art Zoyd has a place in their own personal music colelction, then this is an album for you. With this his 20th release, yet again Taylor proves to be a master of his craft.


MLWZ album na 15-lecie