D Project

Andeavour - The Darkest Tear

Kev Rowland,

ImageSo, with the band talking about the 10th anniversary of course the conversation soon turned around to recording a new album. Chris had left the band some years before, but was more than happy to stay involved as producer and to ensure that the album could be recorded and released. He also ensure that the artwork for both this and the reissued debut were tied together and they were released at the same time. In many ways this is the stronger of the two releases – the band have stayed true to their progressive influences but here have moved much more into hard rock. The songs have far more impact, with the whole band apparently way more focussed and intense. Doug’s vocals have improved tremendously in the intervening years, and with the removal of keyboards the band use space to much greater effect. The result is a progressive hard rock (certainly not metal) album that contains heavy classic Rush influences but in a more progressive manner.

It is hard to define, but the band seem more relaxed and ready to play and the material feels far tighter. The debut is an enjoyable album, but this one is superb. It is of no surprise to me at all that this is a recommended album by DPRP – I wholeheatedly agree. If you want melodic progressive hard rock, strong in every aspect, then you need this.


MLWZ album na 15-lecie