Gak Omek, The - Nonrenormalizability

Kev Rowland,

ImageI was looking at Robert Burger’s website (which is an interesting exercise in itself – visit to see what I mean), and came across a review that I wrote in Feedback #84 for his previous album ‘Return of the All-Powerful Light Beings’ where I said “It is possible to be taken into the world of The Gak Omek and question what is going to happen next and where the journey is going to lead but at all times it makes musical sense and isn’t a voyage into self indulgence.” Hmm, quite a statement – so how does this 2010 release stack up against that? Pretty damn fine is the answer. Robert is very much a one-man band, and has a strong idea of the style of music that he is going to portray and isn’t afraid to use multi-layered keyboards and guitars to get there.

There are times when he steps out to the edge and toys with the idea of moving into RIO, but for the most part he investigates what Ozric Tentacles would sound like if they had a far harder element to their sound and concentrated mostly on what the guitar could do. Whereas OT is always a pleasant trip (if you know what I mean), there is an air of menace and danger with The Gak Omek that is more exhilarating. Yes, there are elements of psychedelia and space rock, but it is combined together in a daring fashion that ensures that Robert has a sound all of his own. He is a wonderfully fluid guitarist, who brings in electronica and voices in a unique style. Yet again this is a great album and I am pleased to hear that he is now embarking on his fourth as we need musical adventurers such as him. 

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