Dyonisos - Ages High

Kev Rowland,

ImageBefore I go any further I need to confirm that I do have the title correct – this is ‘Ages High’ – not ‘Aces High’. This is Dyonisos and not Iron Maiden, although it appears that virtually every web reviewer can’t read either the label wesbite or the CD cover itself, never mind. So once you get over the shock that this isn’t the latest compilation by everyone’s favourite HM band, you can sit back and relax in this album by Dan Covan. Of course Dan is American, his stage name is that of the Greek god of wine and madness, vegetation, and the theatre, and he is signed to a Russian record label. I’m glad I’ve managed to clear that up...

This isn’t the first time I have come across Dyonisos, as I reviewed his debut, and this is his third (and since this album he has released a fourth) and yet again I find myself enjoying it. This is an unusual album in that it never really seems to sit in any particular style, but rather happily moves around – following whatever is the correct path. To my ears it sits mostly in the happy style of late Seventies rock but just when I feel that I am getting a handle on it off it goes again. “Passage To Evermore” is a case in point with some great layered guitar solos and rock ethic that suddenly goes full pelt into ‘Animals’ style Floyd. Just wonderful.

This is an album that is worth hearing, but while there are elements of Jadis and Camel (and maybe some Hackett) this isn’t a prog album as such, just one that contains bits and pieces. It can feel a little disjointed at times, but when it works this really is a delight.

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