Soniq Theater - Unknown Realities

Kev Rowland,

ImageIn 2010 Alfred Mueller released his 10th album under the Soniq Theater name, ‘Unknown Realities’. As with all of his other releases, this is very much a one-man show with everything being played by Alfred on keyboards and synths, so if you don’t like that sort of music then stay away. But if you do, then this is one of his finest works. The first two songs, “Longing For Freedom” and “Revealing A Dream” contain far more diversity and passion than I have heard in his music before – and the way that the music shifts and changes works extremely well. The dynamics are powerful, and the interest is contained throughout. The latter is multi-layered, and contains some elements that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Wakeman album (last count I think I have more than 100 of his, and still more to get!). It is passionate, it moves, it swirls and changes with repeated motifs and new directions – superb.

In contrast some of the keyboard sounds used on the next number, “Revolution Hymn” just don’t sound or feel right.  The problem isn’t so much with the song itself, or the playing of it, just that this is showing the limitations of a one man operation – I would really like to hear this song performed by a proper band, as it would take on a whole new life and being. When going through the album there are times when it is very good indeed, and others when there is the impression that it could be so much more if other guys were involved. But, if you enjoy keyboard albums then this is something that should be searched out, as Alfred has yet again shown that he is a fine songwriter and musician with some great ideas.

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