Forgotten Suns - Innergy

Kev Rowland,

ImageThis 2009 album was the first in five years for these Portuguese proggers, and saw a change not only in lead singer but also in their direction. When they first started these guys were heavily influenced by bands such as Marillion, but it is obvious that they have more recently been listening to Dream Theater and possibly Threshold which has meant that their music has become somewhat darker and heavier. Apparently in between ‘Snooze’ and ‘Innergy’ they opened for bands such as Fish, the Flower Kings and Pain of Salvation but if any of these now influences their musical style it is the last. This is prog metal that is on a roll – it flies with an exuberance not often heard with many bands, and it pervades the album. This is a joy to listen to – a real delight. Where there needs to be complexity it is there, melody always, but if there is a requirement for a simple crunching chord then these guys definitely deliver.

If you have heard the earlier albums, then all I can say is that while they were good works they didn’t show just what these guys were capable of. There are still some longer numbers that allow the bands to spread their muscle, but with nothing above 13 minutes there are no real epics. If you enjoy your prog heavy and metallic, with loads of symphonic soaring vocals then this is for you. And if you don’t think that you like prog, but listen to symphonic rock such as Therion then this album happily straddles the pigeonholes and is something that is definitely worth seeking out.   
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