Morse, Tim - Faithscience

Kev Rowland,

ImageThis is the second album from Tim, following on from ‘Transformation’ which came out in 2005. Originally this project started out as a concept album based on the life of Charles Lindbergh, but eventually strayed from that original vision to be more all encompassing. Tim provides all keyboards, many of the guitars and most of the vocals while Mark Dean has also had a massive input into this album as he did with the last. David Ragsdale also makes a return appearance, providing violin where required. Overall this is a very interesting album, with some great musicianship throughout – comment also needs to be passed regarding the production which is superb and really makes the listener feel that they are in the middle of the band.

The booklet is very basic, but to make up for it the listener can go to the website at and uncover information regarding every song from Tim himself which makes it all very personal (and if you haven’t purchased the CD yet then it is possible to also play tracks at this page as well). This is a really solid album with lots going for it, but I do feel that there are times when it loses its’ way a little, and that is probably because this isn’t a group album – but rather a multi-instrumentalist with additional hired hands. To me this album is at its’ finest when Tim allows himself to remove all restraints and provide some blistering keyboard runs and interplay. He has great confidence in his touch and ability, and this really comes through with the delicate piano on album closer “The Corners” which moves through swathes of orchestration to something that is both powerful and poignant.

It is an album that I enjoyed playing, and I am sure that while it is not totally essential many progheads will feel the same and I urge you to check out the website and give it a try.  
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