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Black Noodle Project, The - Ready To Go

Kev Rowland,

ImageIn many ways this is one of the most diverse albums that TBNP have come up with yet. There are still the Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree influences but the guys have also turned it up a little more so that the intensity and guitars have that little bit more edginess than usual. There may be some who think that this is going to be an ethereal and delicate album as suggested by the album artwork, and indeed there are some numbers that are in that vein, but this is again an album that brings the term ‘rock’ crunching back in at the right moment. Jérémie sent me this album to listen to at the same time as the collection of demos, and it is interesting to compare the two and see how the band have changed since those early days. Undoubtedly the biggest change is the in the confidence of all those involved, and this in itself allows the band to spread their wings without going too far.

The band do not try to hide their influences, but they are the starting point and not the end product. They have matured and the result is yet again an extremely solid accessible album that all progheads will enjoy.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie