Greylevel - Hypostatic Union

Kev Rowland,

ImageBetween 2001 and 2005, Derek Barber (vocals, keys, rhythm guitars) was writing songs and recording them in a home studio, distributing them to family and friends. Then in 2005 he was joined by singer Esther Barber and guitarist Richard Shukin and together theyr worked on the material and released ‘Opus One’. That gained them interest from ProgRock Records who signed them up and the group then expanded with the addition of bassist Davis Friesen and drummer Tyler Friesen, and it was the five of them that worked on the songs of the follow-up ‘Hypostatic Union’. These guys made be Canadian, but they have much more in common with British prog than anything from their how country.

Imagine early Porcupine Tree mixing with Menel-era IQ and Pink Floyd and you may just get some idea of what this band sounds like. There is often a wall of sound, both vocals and music, which yet although it is like a wave crashing over the listener all of the individual instruments and parts are still full of clarity and substance. The only thing that I found jarring is the use of Eighties style keyboard sounds which just didn’t work for me, apart from making me think that I ought to play more music from thirty years ago. There is a melancholia throughout the album, yet there is a feeling also that there isn’t as much depth as there needs to be, so overall it doesn’t seem quite right.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie