Playlista 2021.01.06

Artur Chachlowski

New Year's concert: live releases of Riverside, Big Big Train, Mystery, Fuchs, Pink Floyd, Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Dream Theater, Neal Morse and Heather Findlay

1. DUKES OF THE ORIENT The Dukes Return  5:00  "Freakshow"  2020 
2. TWELTH NIGHT Love Song 7:30  "Live And Let Live"  1983 
3. RIVERSIDE Intro Acid Rain  7:45  "Wasteland Tour 2018-2020"  2020 
4. BIG BIG TRAIN Brave Captain  11:30 "Empire" 2020
5. Heather FINDLAY A Caught In A Fold  5:00 "Live White Horses" 2020
6. Heather FINDLAY Wild White Horses  5:10  "Live White Horses"  2020 
7. MARILLION Seasons End  8:10  "With Friends At St David's"  2020 
8. FUCHS The Night, The Dark And The Pain  4:30  "One Lively Decade" 2020
9. FUCHS Here In My Void  13:30  "One Lively Decade"  2020
10. MYSTERY Wall Street King  6:10  "Caught In The Whirlwind Of Time"  2020 
11. DREAM THEATER Finally Free 10:50 "Distant Memories - Live In London" 2020
12. Neal MORSE The Greatest Love Of All  5:05  "Jesus Christ The Exorcist - Live At Morsefest 2018"  2020 
13. Neal MORSE Love Has Called My Name (Reprise)  1:25  "Jesus Christ The Exorcist - Live At Morsefest 2018"  2020
14. KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD BAND Heat Of The Sun  10:50  "Straight To You Live"  2020 
15. PINK FOYD Sorrow  10:20  "Delicate Sound Of Thunder"  2020 


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