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Playlista 2002.02.13

Artur Chachlowski,
 1. MOSTLY AUTUMN  The Return Of The King  3:15  "The Lord Of The Rings"
 2. MOSTLY AUTUMN  At Last To Rivendell  3:35  "The Lord Of The Rings"
 3. MOSTLY AUTUMn  Journey's Thought  4:30  "The Lord Of The Rings"
 4. AMBEON  Surreal  4:35  "Fate Of A Dreamer"
 5. THE LENS  Sleep Until You Wake  7:05  "A World In Your Eye"
 6. THE LENS  Frost And Fire  6:25  "A World In Your Eye"
 7. GLASS  No Stranger To The Skies  9:10  "No Stranger To The Skies"
 8. GLASS  Home  2:50  "No Stranger To The Skies"
 9. THE VOW  Three Minutes For You  3:10  "Another World"
 10. THE VOW  The News  17:00  "Another World"
 11. CAMEL  Fingertips  6:40  "The Paris Collection"
 12. CAMEL  Slow Yourself Down  5:30  "The Paris Collection"
 13. PAIN OF SALVATION  Undertown  4:45  "Remedy Lane"
 14. RPWL  Believe Me  5:10  "Trying To Kiss The Sun"
 15. Julian GARNER  The Heart That Beats Underground  4:45  "Doublethink"
 16. Julian GARNER  Pick A Fight  5:30  "Doublethink"
 17. Peter GABRIEL  Moribund The Burgermeister    "I"
 18. Peter GABRIEL  Solsbury Hill    "I"
 19. Peter GABRIEL  Modern Love    "I"
 20. Peter GABRIEL  Excuse Me    "I"
 21. Peter GABRIEL  Humdrum    "I"
 22. Peter GABRIEL  Slowburn    "I"
 23. Peter GABRIEL  Waiting For The Big One    "I"
 24. Peter GABRIEL  Down The Dolce Vita    "I"
 25. Peter GABRIEL  Here Comes The Flood    "I"
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