Playlista 2001.11.28

Artur Chachlowski

 1. MEDIANA  Points Of Time  5:30  "Kolory innych planet"
 2. MEDIANA  Believe  3:50  "Kolory innych planet"
 3. MEDIANA  Światło gwiazd  7:20  "Kolory innych planet"
 4. MEDIANA  Another Brick In The Wall  5:20  "Kolory innych planet"
 5. THERION  Ginnungagap  6:05  "Secret Of The Runes"
 6. THERION  Midgard  5:00  "Secret Of The RUnes"
 7. EVERGREY  Different Worlds  5:25  "In Search Of The Truth"
 8. KANSAS  The Light  3:40  "Sounds Like Christmas"
 9. PENDRAGON  And We'll Go Hunting Deer  5:10  live in Polskie Radio 3
 10. Martin ORFORD  The Days Of Our Lives  6:10  "Classical Music And Popular Song"
 11. JADIS  Counting All The Seconds  6:10  "Alive Outside"
 12. JADIS  Weather With You  2:55  "Alive Outside"
 13. JADIS  Hear Us  4:00  "Alive Outside"
 14. JADIS  Comfortably Numb  6:15  "Alive Outside"
 15. Nice BEAVER  Culley On Bleecker Street  7:10  "On Dry Land"
 16. Nice BEAVER  Wintersong  8:15  "On Dry Land"
 17. GENESIS      "Wind And Wuthering" 1976
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