Artur Chachlowski

Year 2004

 No. Artist Album 


 2 BLACKFIELD "Blackfield"
 3 IQ "Dark Matter"
 4 RED SAND "Mirror Of Insanity"
 5 RIVERSIDE "Out Of Myself"
 6 AYREON "The Human Equation"
 7 MAGENTA "Seven"
 8 ARCHIVE "Noise"
 10 Neal MORSE "One"
 11 ASSAL & ZENN "Assal & Zenn"
 12 Nick MAGNUS "Hexameron"
 13 PAATOS "Kallocain"
 14 THRESHOLD "Subsurface"
 15 MOONGARDEN "Round Midnight"


 17 SYLVAN "X-Rayed"
 18 THE FLOWER KINGS "Adam & Eve"
 20 KNIGHT AREA "The Sun Also Rises"
 21 OPORCUPINE TREE "Warszawa"
 22 KARNATAKA "Strange Behaviour"
 23 PROTO-KAW "Before Became After'
 24 CHANETON "The First Lights Of The Century"
 25 FISH "Field Of Crows"
 26 THE TANGENT "The World We Drive Through"
 27 THE WATCH "Vacuum"
 28 FROGG CAFE "Creatures"
 29 CROOKED MOUTH "Crooked Mouth"
 30 ABYDOS "The Little Boy's..."
 31 Ray WILSON "The Next Best Thing"
 32 METAMORPHOSIS "Nobody Cares"
 33 Dave BAINBRIDGE "Veil Of Gossamer"
 34 MIRAGE "Tales From The Green Sofa"
 35 FRAMESHIFT "Unweaving The Rainbow"
 36 ARCANSIEL "Swimming In The Sand"
 37 ARAGON "The Angels Tear"
 38 THE AMBER LIGHT "Goodbye To Dusk, Farewell To Dawn"
39 TR3NITY "Precious Seconds"
 40 AMAROK "Metanoia"
 41 Jon LORD "Beyond The Notes'
 42 John PETRUCCI / Jordan RUDESS "An Evening With..."
 43 LIZARD "Psychopuls"
 44 ASIA "Silent Nation"
 45 MatthewPARMENTER "Astray"
 46 ARENA "Live"
 47 ENCHANT "Live At Last"
 48 CAST "Nimbus"
 49 FINAL CONFLICT "Hindsight"
 50 MOSTLY AUTUMN "At The Grand Opera House"
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