Artur Chachlowski

Year 2002

 No. Artist Album 
 1 Peter GABRIEL "Up"
 2 DREAM THEATER "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence"
 3 PORCUPINE TREE "In Absentia"
 4 CAMEL "A Nod And A Wink"
 5 MOSTLY AUTUMN "Music Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings"
 6 GALAHAD "Year Zero"
 8 THRESHOLD "Critical Mass"
 9 MOSTLY AUTUMN "The Story So Far..."
 10 THE FLOWER KINGS "Unfold The Future"
 11 ARCHIVE "You All Look The Same To Me"
 12 QUIDAM "Pod niebem czas"
 13 SYMPHONY X "The Odyssey"
 14 RPWL "Trying To Kiss The Sun"
 15 MAGELLAN "Hundred Year Flood"
 16 Clive NOLAN & Oliver WAKEMAN "The Hound Of The Baskervilles"
 17 CLEPSYDRA "Alone"
 18 SIMON SAYS "Paradise Square"
 19 FOCUS "Focus 8"
 20 TR3NITY "The Cold Light Of Darkness'
 21 Yngve GUDDAL & Roger T. MATTE "Genesis For 2 Grand Pianos"
 22 STAR ONE "Space Metal"
 23 PAIN OF SALVATION "Remedy Lane"
 24 AMBEON "Fate Of A Dreamer"
 25 H BAND "Live Body Live Spirit"
 26 Phil COLLINS "Testify"
 27 THE WATCH "Ghost"
 28 ENCHANT "Blink Of An Eye"
 29 LA TULIPE NOIRE "Faded Leaves"
 30 GRAND STAND "Tricks Of Time"

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