Artur Chachlowski

Year 1998

 No. Artists  Album
 1 AYERON "Into The Electric Castle"
 2 GALAHAD "Following Ghosts"
 3 MARILLION "Radiation"
 4 ARENA "The Visitor"
 5 ABRAXAS "Centurie"
 6 SPOCK'S BEARD "The Kindness Of Strangers"
 7 STEVE HACKETT "The Tokyo Tapes"
 8 CAIRO "Conflict And Dreams"


 GENESIS "Archive 1967 - 75"
 11 QUIDAM "Sny aniołów"
 12 Colin BASS "An Outcast Of The Islands"
 13 KANSAS "Always Never The Same"
 14 EXPLORER'S CLUB "Age Of Impact"
 15 IQ "Seven Stories Into 98"
 16 John WETTON "Arkangel"
 17 MOSTLY AUTUMN "For All We Shared..."
 18 MYSTERY "Destiny?"
 19 LANDMARQ "Science Of Coincidence"
 20 Martin DARVILL & FRIENDS "The Greatest Show On Earth"
 21 ARAGON "Mr. Angel"
 22 CAMEL "Coming Of Age"
 23 PALLAS "Beat The Drum"
 24 CLEPSYDRA "Fear"
 25 ENCHANT "Break"
 26 DRACMA "A Fine Stormy Weather"
 27 CITIZEN CAIN "Raising The Stones"
 28 YES "Open Your Eyes"


 "The Robbery Of Murder"
 30 MORDOR "The Earth"
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