Security Project - Live 1

Kev Rowland, Security Project - Live 1

What we have here is a very special band, comprising members of King Crimson, Shriekback, and Gabriel's original band coming together to bring some of Peter Gabriel’s classics into the live arena. Seattleites Trey Gunn and Michael Cozzi join esteemed drummer Jerry Marotta and NY keyboardist David Jameson to harness the core of these songs. Added to the pedigree of these players is the voice of Brian Cummins, whose interpretations add haunting authenticity to the performances. With David also providing the eigenharp (an electronic hybrid instrument akin to a computerized bassoon) and Trey on his 10-string touch guitar, it is hard to even comprehend how just four musicians create the majestic tapestry that is there for Brian to sing against. Brian may not be exactly like Gabriel, although he isn’t too far off, but it is the music being performed that blows the mind.

These aren’t always note for note reproductions, as the guys put their own twists on the interpretations, but given how many layers were placed on the originals it is incredible that just four people are able to recreate this. Each song on this album truly is a classic, from “Lay Your Hands On Me” to “Biko”, and there is even a nod to Genesis. But, I was amazed at just how relevant and real they have created with these songs – they are vital, they are alive, with a coming together of world music and progressive rock in an incredible fashion. Some of these songs are forty years old now, but here they have been made fresh by guys who really care about what they are doing. I was blown away when I heard this, and I know that anyone who enjoys Gabriel will feel the same way. For more details on this and their touring schedule visit

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