Security Project - Five

Kev Rowland, Security Project - Five

The latest release from Security Project is a five-song sampler that allows listeners to hear new singer Happy Rhodes, which has allowed the band to start stretching their wings away from just Peter Gabriel although that will remain the focus of their attention. Happy is an American singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and electronic musician with a four-octave vocal range. She has produced eleven solo recordings, and Jerry Marotta and Trey Gunn play on a several of them. In fact, her husband percussionist Bob Muller, was a key partner of Trey’s in his solo band, and he has known her for quite some time.

The five songs contain four Gabriel classics (“Games Without Frontiers”, “No Self Control”, “I Have The Touch” and “Rhythm of The Heat”) plus “Mother Stands for Comfort” by Kate Bush (originally from ‘Hounds Of Love’). Of course, Gabriel and Bush have worked together, so this is an interesting song to include, and it allows Trey to provide some emotive touch guitar behind Happy’s breathless vocals. This comes across as a simple, yet highly complex piece, and works incredibly well. Happy can put her vocals to just about anything, moving between styles with ease, which will enable the band to become even more diverse. Given their output in a very short period of time, I am certainly intrigued to see what comes next. I urge anyone who enjoys this style of music to visit their site and investigate further. You won’t be disappointed, I assure you.

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