Miss Peach - interview

Kev Rowland, Miss Peach - interview

Kev Rowland: After the souls were resurrected what happened next?

Miss Peach: The Bones.....They were bound to me.They changed me, from the naive Irish girl to The Sorceress that breaths life to this story.

The Bones are invisible entities apparitions, that guide me to the right path, and sometimes, actually often, the wrong path.

Down dark alley ways being hunted by wild beasts I found my strength.

Into Mirror Mazes, looking the devil in the eye and laughing at its childish tricks brought me greater clarity.

Much more clarity if I had simply taken the ‘Right Path’ They became my muses, my loved ones beyond the veil.

And a family we will always be.


miss peach 1KR: Where did your travels take you?

MP: I fled from the Homelands of Ireland I travelled over SAND and Sea. I was lied to by the false promises of the New World,

I bought with me my Magic and Music and..... Morality.

I blistered under the cruel sun of the bleak lands of wilderness and men.

At twilight I shuddered in fear, listening to the coyotes pick at the bones of the weak.

I was yearning for company, for kinship and survival. When I resurrected my Bones, my strength returned.

We together, walked into many sunsets and slaughters.

Houses of ill repute and debauchery, I became drunk on the idea of love.

I made deadly quick draw decisions in the scorching heat of noon.

Collected stars from the night goddess Nyx pouring them and my own into another person’s heart to help guide their way...while I kept running away from the void.

I kept running West.

I burned towns, bridges and scorched my own wings, I locked doors and threw away too many keys, I lay down upon tracks awaiting the trains, but Love descended again, and again and it saved me in a very Spectacular way.

I crawled, I ran, I climbed and flew, under every type of painted desert moon.


miss peach 3KR: When and how did you realise that your destiny was to be together?

MP: Pure Instinct, Synergy and Fate.

The three triplets of destiny.

They all walked into my life effortlessly and I am for ever grateful to be in such fine company.

My Dearest Bones.


KR: What others have you met along the way, and how have they inspired you?

MP: Each Character I’ve met has been a unique brick on the road to the next amazing bend for Miss Peach and The Travellin’ Bones.

Without them our journey may have not been as inspiring, influential or sweet.

At the very beginning, my instincts again, inspired me to ask the Stars and Cards...and I met a friend.

I still have this wise friend, who became the kind of friend that would see straight through the smoke, mirrors and table knocking and call me a spade, often using that spade to dig me out of my own grave and when I was composing SAND, that same friend introduced me to the musical family I have surrounding and supporting Miss Peach and The Travellin’ Bones.

Within this musical family, residing at AAA records, Red Room Studios and Black & Yellow Management is a collective of vibrant, passionate and talented ‘old souls’ that I am so at ease with, creation of music, really does become magic.

I weave many joyous, troubled and murderous characters through SAND, one including the Beautiful Miss Vaudeville, who told me of her newly departed lover and taught me how to hide a Cut Throat Razor in my hair – just in case the perfect “opportunity” may arise...as she put it.


miss pach 2 band smallKR: With the release of SAND has a story finished or just a chapter, and where to from here?

MP: Let us just say Mr Rowland, that I love to write music and I love to travel.....where ever the muse leads me.

I have been working on something rather sumptuous through the winter months, another chapter as you put it. Still a lady should always keep a few cards close to her chest...

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