Meat Train - Random Acts Of Carnage

Kev Rowland, Meat Train - Random Acts Of Carnage

According to Terrorizer Magazine Meat Train produce "...death metal that will make you feel sick to your stomach...", and I know what they mean as the use of banjo on “Redneck Zombies” certainly produced a reaction in me! It’s not something I expect halfway through an album that up until then was coming at me like a freight train containing Cannibal Corpse and Autopsy with Napalm Death at the controls and they had set them wide open. This is brutal, four people shouldn’t be able to create as much carnage as this. After playing multiple other types of music throughout the day this simply made me smile, as it feels honest, from the heart, and more importantly hitting right through the gut. They are playing massively complex rhythms and melodies, at high speed and high volume, although I am sure that many will just feel that this is noise. To me, it is a breath of fresh air – just what I need to cleanse my speakers with.

I’m not quite sure what else to say, except if you enjoy your metal as over the top as I do, yet containing loads of ideas and thoughts that just shouldn’t be in there, then visit their site at to find out more.

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