Family Free Rock - A Day Of Wrath

Kev Rowland, Family Free Rock - A Day Of Wrath

Family Free Rock was a Brazilian band from São Paulo, and this 37-minute-long single-track album was originally released as a very limited CD-R in 2008. Progshine then released it digitally in 2015.  Interestingly, this album is inspired by the works of the band Devil Doll, so much so that FFR state that this includes excerpts from ‘Sacrilegium’, ‘The Girl Who Was... Death’ and ‘Eliogabalus’. Now, my musical education is sadly lacking as I haven’t previously come across Devil Doll, but having heard this I am obviously going to have to rectify that. This was quite some effort from FFR: there can’t be many who have released a debut quite like this, it is certainly ambitious. That they sometimes fail can be overlooked as when they get it right this is an incredibly interesting piece of music.

If I was to try and classify the music, then probably Heavy Prog would be the area I would put this into, although there sections when it is just Doctor Zamboni on vocals, with Gui on piano which are quite different, and the additional use of cello as a main instrument also gives the music a quite different edge. While not indispensable, I enjoyed playing this, so why not give a try?  

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