Incertain - Rats In Palaces

Kev Rowland, Incertain - Rats In Palaces

There aren’t often albums that make me smile from the very first note, and get me to turn the volume up just that little bit more, but that was very much the case with the debut album from Germans Incertain. The initial reaction is that they have been paying very close attention to Testament in particular, but vocally they are moving more into death metal territory and I would say that Vader have been an inspiration, while Lamb of God have also had an impact. But, it is Testament that has had the main impact on their music, and drummer Luis Strietholt must be commended as while he isn’t Gene Hoglan, he does a damn fine job driving the band forward with different rhythms and attacks.

This is not the last we have heard from these guys as this is an impressive first album, and let’s hope that there are more to come. If you enjoy your Bay Area Thrash mixed in with some other elements then this is something that you need to seek out immediately, if not sooner.  

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