Mogador - Chapersend

Kev Rowland, Mogador - Chapersend

When I first started playing the fourth album from Italian band Mogador I was struck by just how similar they were to Kansas, but it is possible that I was influenced by guest Ida Di Vita who provides violin on that song, but sadly not on any of the others. But, although there is a strong use of Hammond organ on this album, it is more influenced by British and American bands than it has by many of the prog acts from Italy. I have seen some criticisms of Marco Terzaghi’s vocals, but those reviewers must have been listening to a different album from me as he is in fine voice, more of a classic Wetton or Lake style singer than those who want to hit the high notes. For that they have brought in Jon Davidson (Yes, Glass Hammer) who guests on “Josephine’s Regrets” which is one of the highlights of the album. Here we have controlled picked acoustic guitar combining with delicate piano, but I did wonder if the use of Jon was just to get more people to write about the album as he is singing in a lower register than many would expect from him, and I am sure that Mogador could have done it quite well without him.

The more recognisable influences on Mogador are bands such as Gentle Giant, the aforementioned Kansas (even without a violin) and John Wetton, and manages to keep on the more progressive side of melodic rock so much so that it is wonderfully enjoyable the first time it is played, and that feeling doesn’t diminish with repeated plays. There isn’t much information on either the band or label sites, but at least it tells you how to buy it! For more details visit  

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