Wolff, Jessica - Grounded

Kev Rowland, Wolff, Jessica - Grounded

‘Grounded’ is the second album from Finnish singer Jessica Wolff, but the first to gain worldwide release as her debut ‘Renegade’ only came out in Finland, Japan and India. This is pop rock with a very close relation to Avril Lavigne, and sometimes P!nk, and is way more commercial than virtually anything I ever listen to out of choice. But, while this isn’t my style of music I can certainly appreciate that there is a load of songs on here that could be spawned off the album as singles and would be played consistently by the right radio stations. But, this feels more of a summer album to me than one for winter, and while that is okay for those of use currently sweltering in 30 degrees Celsius, the mass of the music buying population are currently suffering in winter.

Photogenic, and with hobbies that include practicing Kung-Fu, doing stunt work, acting, motor biking and other extreme sports, appearing in films and being flown around to demonstrate sword work, I have a feeling that the mass media is going to soon latch on Jessica Wolff and I won’t be surprised to see her become a major star. Certainly, this album is a good start, and expect to hear on a radio station near you soon.


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