Brandon Seabrook's Needle Driver - Needle Driver EP

Kev Rowland, Brandon Seabrook's Needle Driver - Needle Driver EP

The Needle Driver EP bears the debut recordings by the newest project of New York-based avant-jazz guitarist Brandon Seabrook, also of Die Trommel Fatale, Seabrook Power Plant, and many others. He’s been named "NYC's Best Guitarist" by the Village Voice, his work has been profiled by NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Fret Board Journal, and more. Formed in 2012 for a set at the Alternative Guitar Festival in NYC, the trio features drum leviathan Allison Miller (Ani Defranco), and electric bass virtuoso Johnny Deblase (Zevious, Sabbath Assembly).

The material was written and sharpened over a two-year period of ceaseless rehearsing and steadfast guerrilla tactics. This is pronk taken to a whole new level, with asymmetric time signatures, fractured guitar blasts, and a massively over the top bass sound. It is complex, is it layered, it is disturbing and compelling instrumental music that I found myself being drawn towards time and again. This is not music for the fainthearted and will repel many, but if like me you enjoy music that is out of left field, creating something new and very different indeed, then this bastard offspring of The Cardiacs will leave you intrigued and desperate for more.

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