Elm - Dog

Kev Rowland, Elm - Dog

Captured live at the band’s rehearsal studio in April 2017, this is no frills rock, and I envision four long-haired bearded misfits overloading the amps, with sweat running down the walls, and Jack Daniels the only thing keeping them all sane as the noise bounces off the walls and back at them. This is raw, almost deconstructed Link Wray and Stooges level. One of the songs took me by surprise as musically I had never heard it performed this way, but I recognised the lyrics but couldn’t really believe what I was hearing. Yes, it really is “Fulsom Prison Blues”, but Johnny Cash never sounded like this, and I found myself wondering what he would have thought of it, as it is far deeper, darker and menacing than any of his performances, even the one in Fulsom Prison itself!

Apparently, the band produced this themselves, but I do question how much actual production there was, as if it has been polished they missed a bit. This is raucous, honest, and over the top in every single way. Music rarely seems as real as this: not for those who want their music served them in nice radio-friendly manner, but those who need to know what is going on in small town rehearsal rooms all over America.


MLWZ album na 15-lecie