Epica - The Solace System

Kev Rowland, Epica - The Solace System

2016’s ‘The Holographic Principle’ has bene the most successful release to date from symphonic metal outfit Epica, reaching top 10 chart position entries in the German, Dutch and Swiss album charts. During the recording process the band wrote more songs than were needed, as they wanted to ensure that the album was no longer than 76 minutes, but at the same time felt that the additional material was too strong to just be used as bonus material, so have instead released a six-track thirty-minute-long EP, using songs that were developed during the creative phase of ‘The Holographic Principle’.

Epica are definitely one of the best, arguably the best, symphonic metal band around. No moves into folk for these guys, this is all about putting metal and classical forms in a way that makes sense. If you enjoyed the last album then this is essential, nothing more and nothing less.

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