Bloodmoon / Trapped Within Burning Machinery - Split

Kev Rowland, Bloodmoon / Trapped Within Burning Machinery - Split

This split two-track EP is available on CD and cassette by Midnite Collective, and on vinyl by Black Voodoo records, and features one song by Bloodmoon and one by Trapped Within Burning Machinery. The former is a trio who describe their music as Grey Metal, as if we don’t have enough sub-genres already, which I am guessing is because it is a mix of Black Metal and Doom influences, while the latter quartet are doom. There may be only two songs, but the first is more than eleven minutes long and the second is more than seventeen, so it does stretch to a little over 29 minutes in total, so it is of reasonable length.

Bloodmoon are too much on the fringe for me, they are trying hard but it just doesn’t work as the vocals are rough and raw but don’t contain any menace whatsoever. Compare that to TWBM who are taken doom into sludge area, and have real presence and class that sets them apart. This song feels far more produced, containing a great deal of atmosphere, which is sadly lacking from Bloodmoon. So, a game of two halves, or a vinyl record of two sides. For this and many more albums visit

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