Snakes / Crosss - Split

Kev Rowland, Snakes / Crosss - Split

Scavenger Cult is an independent label founded by Brett Netson (Caustic Resin, Earth, Built To Spill), and here they have delivered presents a split LP by Netson’s own Snakes (two tracks), and the artist’s close allies in Crosss (three). The two songs from Snakes amount for more than 24 minutes of the set, and are the sound of a band imagining themselves to be a strange modern version of early Pink Floyd, with lots of space and eeriness within their music. The 16-minute-long “Hypothermia, Pt. 2” could have been taken straight from UFO happening: all it needs is a light show and some acid.

Cross are a strange amalgam of Blue Cheer and Electric Wizard, and the recording is deliberately lo-fi, which may add to the overall effect, but I would much rather that some attention had been paid to the sonic fidelity. It is raw and atmospheric, but is that a detraction to the music or a blessing. I know my opinion.     

MLWZ album na 15-lecie