Midnite City - Midnite City

Kev Rowland, Midnite City - Midnite City

Midnite City were formed in January 2017 by current Tigertailz front-man (and former Vega, Steevi Jaimz and Teenage Casket Company member and songwriter) Rob Wylde. Armed with an album's worth of material, Wylde approached friend Pete Newdeck (Newman/ Eden's Curse, Blood Red Saints) to produce three songs for him to shop to record labels. Wylde sang, played guitar and bass on the recordings whilst Newdeck played drums, provided backing vocals and took care of the production. Wylde also brought in newcomer guitarist Miles Meakin and former band mate James Martin (Vega) who laid down keyboards on the tracks. After being mixed by Newdeck, the songs were sent to Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) who mastered them at his studio in Canada. They soon gained a record deal with AOR Heaven and Newdeck officially joined the band as drummer in the Spring of 2017, alongside Miles Meakin on guitar and Shawn Charvette on keyboards. The line-up then went into the studio to record the debut album.

This is music with both feet very firmly in the Eighties, but although that may not be unusual, what makes these guys stand out is the quality of the songs, the hooks, the musicianship, vocals and production. With songs that could have come from early Bon Jovi mixed with The Loveless, the band describe it as “Timeless, melodic rock/ hair metal”, but there are also huge elements of American power pop. From the first note to the last, and even with the spelling of the band name, these guys come over as American to the core. But, they’re British! But, there is no doubt which market this album is aimed at, as with power ballads and radio friendly anthems this is music that American will be incredibly familiar with. They manage to keep it honest as opposed to formulaic, and it was another album I found myself taking at face value and just enjoying it for what it was, namely a good time. This is party music for the summer, for cruising in an open top car down the freeway, as opposed to freezing driving around the M25. But for those where the latter is a reality (I feel your pain), then put this on and possibly, just possibly, the sun will shine inside the car. Love it.

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