Tankard - Schwarz-weiß wie Schnee

Kev Rowland, Tankard - Schwarz-weiß wie Schnee

In May 2017, Tankard played the Eintracht Frankfurt club anthem 'Schwarz-weiß wie Schnee' in front of over 30.000 enthusiastic Frankfurt supporters, shortly before the kick-off of the German cup final between Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Dortmund at Berlin's Olympic Stadium. Now, the band have released a new version of the EP "Schwarz-Weiß wie Schnee" (which has been unavailable for more than ten years). The Eintracht anthem, which has been played in the stadium for ten years before every home game of Eintracht Frankfurt, has now been completely re-recorded by the band. The thrashers were supported by Henni Nachtsheim (Badesalz), Ande Werner (Mundstuhl) and Roy Hammer (Roy Hammer & Die Pralinées), which can be heard in the backing choir. Six songs, thirty-one minutes long, including both the original and a newly recorded version of the above, it really does demonstrate why Tankard have never been able to repeat whatever success they have had outside their home country. Thrash does get better than this.


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