Threat Signal - Disconnect

Kev Rowland, Threat Signal - Disconnect

A detuned, syncopated, melodic metal machine, Threat Signal arose from the filthy, industrialized east end of Hamilton Ontario Canada in late 2003. Their debut song "Rational Eyes" hit #1 on the international music website and maintained that position for over two years. As a result, the young band signed to Nuclear Blast and started intensive touring, having performed with acts such as Children Of Bodom, Soilwork, Motörhead, Saxon, Opeth, Kataklysm, Hatebreed, Epica, Arch Enemy and many more. They released three albums on Nuclear Blast before parting ways with the label and joining the Agonia Records roster. Their last two studio efforts entered the Billboard's Top Heatseekers Chart, at #32 and #26 respectively.

This is metalcore boys and girls, that strange state that exists between genres where the band hope that somehow, they might be picked up on rock radio, without losing too much street cred or tattoos along the way. But, there are some metalcore bands who really deliver (not many it has to be said), but Threat Signal are one of those.  This album manages to tread that very fine line between pop melody and brutality, within the same song, so if you were just skipping through songs and playing the odd five seconds here and there one could imagine this was a whole series of artists instead of just one. They mix loads of genres together, never really settling into one before it is time to move onto something. Hugely anthemic, while also somehow maintaining a link to extreme melodic roots, I found that I really enjoyed this album. It won’t be everyone, and there will be many doubters who say that it is way too melodic and mainstream and that Threat Signal have “sold out” with their latest album, but I must say that this is a load of fun that made me smile. Isn’t that what it is all about? 

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