Entheos - Dark Future

Kev Rowland, Entheos - Dark Future

This is complex, polyrhythmic music which is also incredibly heavy, as the band move between djent and mathcore and everything in between and beyond. So, I should be in love with this record, as it contains so much that I really enjoy, but, no. What spoils this for me is the fascination with digital effects and keyboard tricks so that at times I can’t work out if I’m listening to an electro outfit with guitars, or a metal band that has been given keys to an effects studio and told to go nuts. Just because they are all excellent at what they do, and obviously gel well together, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they will release a good album, and that is the case here. I am sure that there are many who will say that this is the Second Coming and music has never been so exciting, but while I agree that they have some great skills, this isn’t for me.   

MLWZ album na 15-lecie