Various Artists - The Hearse Song

Kev Rowland, Various Artists - The Hearse Song

Vinyl-only horror/spoken arts label Cadabra Records announces a new annual record series celebrating Halloween. The ‘Cadabra Records Presents: Halloween’ series begins with a 7” release of “The Hearse Song”, which features music by Slasher Film Festival Strategy, and readings by Anthony D. P. Mann. “The Hearse Song” was popular during World War I, and is widely remembered by the lines, “the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms play pinochle on your snout.” It also contains a musical score by long-running horror/sci-fi film outfit Slasher Film Festival Strategy, with all the readings by Anthony D.P. Mann, who has already been involved with some wonderful releases on Cadabra. The A-Side also features “The Velvet Ribbon”, while the B-side features “Skin And Bones” and “The Teeth.”

I have been lucky enough to hear a few releases on the Cadabra label now, all featuring Anthony D.P. Mann, and each and every one is well worth investigating. The music ties in perfectly with the words, and this really is film for the radio. Just ensure that you don’t play this while driving, as I always find myself deep inside the world coming out of the speakers.

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