Hot Texas Swing Band - Off The Beaten Trail

Kev Rowland

I bet no-one can work out where these guys are from, or what style of music they play? The line-up of Alex Dormont (vocals and upright bass), Selena Rosanbalm (vocals), Liz Morphis (vocals), Cat Clemons (guitar), Ileana Nina (fiddle), Stephen Bidwell (drums), Joey Colarusso (sax), Jimmy Shortell (trumpet), Dave Biller (steel guitar) and Dan Walton (piano) hail from Austin, and play the full gamut of Western Swing, from jazz to cowboy songs though rockabilly and even bring in some Latin. This is their fourth studio album, and from looking at their website they have won many awards, including 2016 Living Hero of Western Swing from the Cowtown Society of Western Music for band leader Alex Dormont, which sounds pretty impressive. I have to confess I didn’t think that anyone even produced music like this anymore, as it makes me think of Bob Wills’ Texas Playboys, and that was more than just a little while ago. It’s not really for me to be honest, but the band are tight, they all know what they are doing, the arrangements are great and the production spot on. So, if you are intrigued, then this collection may be for you.

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