Order Of Apollyon, The - Moriah

Kev Rowland

This album may start with strummed acoustic guitars, but there is a feeling of menace contained within it, and soon the guys are blasting off into the blackened death metal with which they have built their reputation. Originally formed in 2008 by then-Aborted members, guitarist/vocalist BST (ex-Aosoth, VI) and drummer Dan Wilding, the band built a strong reputation with their first two albums,  but Wilding was asked to join Carcass in 2012 and later decided to leave The Order Of Apollyon to concentrate on that band. With the other members also having conflicting schedules it was left to BST to restart the band, and to do this he recruited veterans of his native black metal scene, including members of Temple Of Baal, Hell Militia and Merrimack.

So, some three years on from ‘The Sword and the Dagger’, the new band is back with the third album, and shows no sign at all of moving away from their roots. The main issue for me is that the mix means that it really is a solid wall of sound, which means that there just isn’t enough in the way of dynamics, and it comes through all very much at one level, which is a real shame, as there is actually quite a lot going on in here. If would have liked the lead guitar to have been higher, and for the band to come through with 

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