Miller, Rick - Breaking Point

Kev Rowland

2015’s ‘Breaking Point’ had the same line-up as the previous year’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, with glorious guitar mixing with the flute and keyboards to create an atmospheric soundscape. There are times when the music is incredibly cinematic and at times quite orchestral, almost as if he has been working with Richard Wileman (now there is a pairing who would produce an incredible album together), containing elements of the psychedelic Sixties and mixing that both with folk and Floydian elements. As with all of his albums I have heard, this is music to get lost inside, music which is far more than just a series of notes and phrasings.

The flute is used sparingly, but when it comes in it creates an additional element of beauty as opposed to Ian Anderson’s breathy attack. One is never quite sure where the music is going to lead, as the percussion can be quite different in its approach at different times, while the symphonic keyboards may well be replaced by picked or strummed acoustic guitar with the Stratocaster only making its presence felt at the absolute opportune moment, when it can easily be imagined that Gilmour, Latimer or Chandler are in the house. This was Rick’s 12th studio album, and I have never been able to understand why he isn’t more widely known, as he continues to produce progressive rock music of very high quality indeed, and I have yet to heard an album of his that I haven’t enjoyed immensely.

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