Lang, Yogi - A Way Out Of Here

Kev Rowland

‘A Way Out of Here’ is the second solo album from RPWL frontman Yogi Lang, following on from 2010’s ‘No Decoder’. As would be expected, Lang provides all vocals and keyboards, but has built a full band around him including Torsten Weber who has played with RPWL and well-known German singer Conny Kreitmeier who provides backing vocals. The press release states this is an album of well-crafted art rock songs, and I can certainly understand where they are coming from with that. In many ways it is Gilmour/Floyd crossed with early Eighties Gabriel, and the result is very pleasing indeed to the ear.

I would have preferred if he had moved further away from the sound he has become known for with RPWL, as otherwise what really is the point? Songs such as “Freedom of the Day” are a delight with its acoustic guitar and mandolin and is so very different to everything around it and this is a style I would like to hear a great deal more of. It’s not that I do not enjoy Yogi’s material with RPWL, I do, but a solo album should see him having more of an opportunity to move in different directions. He is the voice of RPWL, so people will always associate the two together, but I do wish he had moved farther away from his base. As it is, this is a very pleasant album indeed, although not exactly earth shattering. The CD has also been made available as a limited edition with the bonus DVD "Live At De Boerderij" from 2011, so if you are interested then get in quick.

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