Way, Darryl - Destinations

Kev Rowland

Way surely needs no introduction, as his work with Curved Air was ground-breaking in so many ways. An established multi-instrumentalist, here he restricts himself to mainly violin and electric guitar (with keyboards mostly for melodic support as opposed lead), alongside drummer Pete Skinner and bassist Richard Mead. Darryl Way says the album is “a collection of 10 pieces that set out to conjure up images of far off and exotic locations like Antigua or imagined settings like Metropolis or Mystic Mountains. Like my previous album ‘Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in Rock’, ‘Destinations’ could be described as programme music, music that evokes atmospheres and impressions.”

It certainly is dreamlike at times, and even though his electric violin playing can be quite ferocious, it never really feels aggressive. It is an album which feels like it belongs in the background to create a mood, or played at night when one wants to let the mind wander (although one needs to be careful as there is always the danger it might not come back!). Reflective and delicious, it ties in well with the photo on the album as the passengers fly towards the sun, being taken on a journey to new destinations. While never essential, this is an album which can be easily played and enjoyed.

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