Perdomo, Fernando - Out To Sea 3

Kev Rowland

Here we have the third in Perdomo’s trilogy of instrumental albums, and although I have enjoyed some of his releases it is safe to say I was not a fan of the previous album in this series, so wasn’t really sure quite what to expect with this one. When looking at the digipak it is interesting to read that he feels this album is so far removed from the other two, in so many ways, he actually felt he should give it a different name. However, when he saw the artwork from Paul Whitehead (also famous for providing covers such as ‘Trespass’, ‘Nursery Cryme’ and ‘Foxtrot among others) he felt it was the perfect match and it really was fitting after all. On this album he provides all instrumentation, apart from his girlfriend Cyndi Trissel who provides some percussion, which is also different to the last album where he had guests, and apparently the recording situation. This has all had a major impact on the music, which is a considerable step change in the right direction from ‘Out To Sea 2’.

There is more focus, more direction, and way more to keep the listener interested. There are acoustic guitar sections, others where it is his driving electric guitar, accompanied by swathes of keyboards and stunning drums. LA Weekly apparently once dubbed him “The millennial answer to Todd Rundgren”, and here he really earns that title with control of all instruments to hand (I really should mention the basswork on “Cycles”), combined with melody and hooks. It is an incredibly easy album to listen to and enjoy, as Fernando takes us with him. The final words on the digipak are “This music represents all of whom I am in this genre. I hope it speaks to you and inspires you to go on a journey in your head”. From the gentle ebbing waters, through to tumultuous seas, this album really does do all that. He is proud to be “a 21st century instrumental prog musician” and the result here is a collection of songs without words that are interesting and enjoyable throughout.

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