Coridian - State Of Mind (single)

Kev Rowland

Part of me is incredibly pleased that Coridian are based in Auckland, as it means I get to see them play, but another part of me really wishes they were in somewhere like London as if they could get in front of the mass media and fans, I am convinced they would be huge. There are a great number of people here in Aotearoa eagerly looking forward to the release of their debut album, Hava (Air), as it has been taking way too long, yet that is coming in early 2023 and here is yet another taster. Following on from the immense Rakshasa (my single of the year), which featured a guest appearance from Michael Murphy, here the boys are back with another blaster.

This song is built around a filthy deep groove, with Kris at the back providing loads of variety, his brother Nick allowing himself to sometimes join in the foundation and others take the lead, while the third brother, Mike, going between picking gently to throwing in the riffs as if his life depended on it. Then at the front we have one of the cleanest, purest, singers around in Dity. Given he normally spends nearly as much time in the air as he does on the ground when performing at gigs it must be quite a rest being in a studio. A special mention must be made of producer Zorran Mendosa as he has worked with the guys to deliver something which is over the top, polished, and very modern indeed without losing any of their power. Open minded fans of Tool or A Perfect Circle should give this a once over. Somehow, I know I will be playing it much more than that.

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