Force Of Progress - R3design

Kev Rowland

Since their second album, ‘A Secret Place, Dominik Wimmer left the band, leaving behind Hanspeter Hess (The Healing Road - keyboards, synths), Chris Grundmann (Cynity – guitars, keyboards, synths) and Markus Roth (Marquette, Horizontal Ascension – keyboards, synths). The band wanted to continue so Markus suggested bringing in the Marquette rhythm section of Dennis Degen (drums) and Sebastian Schleicher (bass) which soon revitalised everyone, and with guest guitarists assisting on each track they were soon back with their third album (hence the title). Even though the three core members of the band are all keyboard players, this is actually quite a guitar heavy release with an emphasis on technical prog which often veers into tech/prog metal.

Utilising an already existing rhythm section is an excellent idea as they know how each other works, and Dennis in particular uses this as an opportunity to provide some interesting rhythms and patterns. With three keyboard players I expected more in terms of underlying intricacy or over the top bombast, but we don’t get that and sonically there is little here to say there are multiple keyboard players involved, and that is due to the way these guys work, which is somewhat unusual to say the least. Looking at the booklet it appears that each keyboard player only plays on their own compositions, so Markus is on three, Chris on two and Hans on one. However, this does not sound like a collection of solo pieces, but something which is actually a band as opposed to a project. Interesting while never essential.

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