Cairo - Nemesis

Kev Rowland

It has taken way too long for Cairo to return with their second studio album, in fact it has been 7 years since ‘Say’, although in between there was the excellent live album ‘Alive In Holland’ which introduced us to new lead singer Sarah Bayley, with the rest of the line-up the same as the debut with Rob Cottingham (lead and backing vocals, keyboards, programming) again joined by James Hards (acoustic and electric guitars), Paul Stocker (bass, acoustic guitar), and Graham Brown (drums, backing vocals) while it was produced by John Mitchell. As with the debut, what we have here again is a wonderfully melodic and thoroughly enjoyable album which is a step above so many others. It may only be their second album, but Rob has had a solo career as well as being in Touchstone, and I seem to recall John Mitchell guesting on 2007’s ‘Discordant Dreams’ so he and Rob have been involved for some time.

This album combines the progressive sub genres of Neo and Crossover with melodic rock to create an album of songs which is an absolute delight. The keyboards are nice and powerful, with rich chords providing sumptuous symphonic drama while the guitars are also crunching when the time is right. It is incredibly polished throughout, with Mitchell using all his experience to bear to assist the guys in creating something which is just so much fun and easy to get inside. Some prog feels like hard work, but not this as there is a warmth inviting the listener in to just relax and have a good time, and it makes a really nice change for me to just sit and enjoy an album without having to get my head inside what the musicians are trying to achieve. Musically this feels like a close companion to the debut, and it is nice that the artwork also reminds us of what there was last time. We just need to hope it is not nearly as long to the next one as this is something to be played time and again, with gorgeous lead vocals and harmonies, all combined with hooks and finesse from a band who bring us melodies which makes the listener smile. Nice one guys.

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