Various Artists - Punk Floyd

Kev Rowland

When I heard a tribute album to Pink Floyd had been recorded by a load of classic punk bands such as Fear, The Vibrators, UK Subs, Dead Boys, Skids, Anti-Nowhere League, The Members, Peter and the Test Tube Babies and Skids I just didn’t believe it, but then thought it was bound to be good for a laugh, so I sought it out. What I never expected was an album which any fan of the originals needs to have in their collection as this is the finest tribute since ‘Dub Side Of The Moon’ by Easy Star All-Stars. I mean, listen to Lee Ving sounding all of his 70+ years on “Astronomy Domine”, it is just a great take with the band sticking close to the original and also putting their own touch on it.

I was so blown away with the set that I asked a friend who is a huge Pink Floyd nut to give me his opinion, and he said that while he loved “Arnold Layne” (The Vibrators), “Hey You” (Anti Nowhere League) and “Money” (JFA) his favourite was “See Emily Play” (The Queers) as he felt it was close to what Pink Floyd would have done if they had recorded it with Syd, so high praise indeed. Some songs are more punked up than others (step forward Di with “Brain Damage” or Angry Samoans with “Another Brick In The Wall”) but what is really surprising is just how well every version comes through, and often the bands do not go too heavy (love the distortion and fuzz on “The Nile Song” by The Members, who I thought had ceased to exist many years ago).

This tribute feels as if it has been undertaken by people who actually love the originals and are in it for more than just the money but want to do justice to the songs while also moving them in their own direction. Pink Floyd fans may investigate for the novelty value but will stay for the performances as this is great.

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