Spaced Out - Unstable Matter (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageSpaced Out are back with their fourth studio album, although these days it is mostly Antoine Fafard as not only does he write all of the material, provide bass and keyboards but on this album he has also provided guitar for the first time. He has been joined by drummer Martin Maheux and guitarist Mark Tremblay and the result is something that is a step change from what Space Out have been doing before. While the songs are often very much led by the bass there is now a higher keyboard content in the music, with a greater interaction between the players. While the band have previously been introducing some jazz into their work there has now been a move far more into ‘straight’ prog territory, but with a great deal of complexity.

This is an instrumental album, but it just doesn’t seem like it as in many ways this is just an album without words – there just isn’t room within the musical structures for lyrics or voice. Easily their strongest and most complete work to date – this is Space Out showing that instrumental progressive rock can be extremely dynamic and vital, who needs vocals? If you enjoy prog then you will get a lot out of this.  For more details visit      

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