Touchstone - Mad Hatters EP (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageThis is the new EP from this Hertfordshire quintet, who comprise Rob Cottingham (vocals, keys), Liz Clayden (vocals), Adam Hodgson (guitars), Paul Moorghen (bass, backing vocals) and Simon Cook (drums). This is all about classic rock, prog rock, call it what you will, well performed and executed. Five songs, all showing different sides to the band but the most important part about this is that the music is so damn accessible and (whisper it) catchy. I mean, prog is supposed to be deadly serious and not for having a good time, Right? Wrong! This is boisterous bouncy music that can be serious and calm when it wants to be, but generally just doesn’t. This is all about going back to a time when prog was all about having fun, which is something that these days not too many bands remember. The use of twin vocals works particularly well, with the two voices complimenting each other – also something that is unusual within the prog context. I can remember Mr So & So doing something like this towards the end of their career, but not many since with the male being dominant but the female being equally as important. Given that this is a self release, one has to admire the work that has gone into it. They recorded at John Mitchell’s studio and used Rob Aubrey to mix it while the artwork of guitarist Adam Hodgson is superb. For more details on this and to listen to some of the material visit

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